SKAARHOJ Rack Fusion Live PTZ Controller

SKU: #Rack-Fusion-Live-V1

• 2-in-1 Live Switching & PTZ Control
• Four-Way Buttons with OLED Displays
• RGB Multilevel Metering LED Bars
• Backlit Encoders with Wide OLED Displays
• 3-Axis Joystick for PTZ Control
• Transition Fader with RGB LED Bar
• ME Section with Shift & User Keys
• 2 RU Rackmount or Desktop
• PoE for Easy Setup
• UniSketch OS


Live switch and control PTZ camera movement from a single 2 RU unit with the Rack Fusion Live from SKAARHOJ. Equally at home on your desktop or in a rack, this versatile controller incorporates switcher, ME, and PTZ sections.

The switcher section provides a nine-key bus row plus six additional four-way buttons with RGB multilevel metering LED bars and two encoder knobs. Each of the buttons and knobs in the switcher section has its own dedicated OLED display. In the ME section, there is a transition fader with an RGB LED bar for transition position or VU metering, six keys including multilevel shift ad assignable user keys, and two OLED displays. Lastly, the PTZ section is equipped with six multifunction keys for presets and camera selection, four encoder knobs, a total of ten OLED displays, and a three-axis joystick.

The Rack Fusion Live runs the SKAARHOJ-developed open-source UniSketch OS, which is user-programmable to fit specific workflows. PoE technology simplifies setup by enabling signals and power to travel via a single cable.

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Technical Specifications

Weight 1668 g
Dimensions 500 × 160 mm